Athletic Psychologist


Androniki Christodoulou

Place of birth: Limassol, Cyprus
Languages: Greek, English, French, Spanish


• Masters Degree (Master 2) in Clinical Psychology and Psychology of Athletes at Paul Valéry University, Montpellier III – Montpellier, France.
• Degree in Psychology, Pantio University of Social and Political Studies – Athens, Greece.
• Erasmus-Socrates Program at Valencia University – Valencia, Spain.

Private Exercise – Limassol, Cyprus
Athletic Psychologist
Group meetings with athletes. Teaching techniques for relaxation, concentration, stress control, pressure etc. Personal meetings with athletes and parents.

Toulouse Football Club – Toulouse, France
Athletic Psychologist
Psychological and advisory support to professional and adolescent football players. Psychological and intellectual preparation.

Athletic Centre of Professional level of Albi – Albi, France
Athletic Psychologist (practice)
Psychological evaluation of individuals and groups, advisory sessions, group psychotherapy, experiential exercises and relaxation to the women’s volley-ball team (USSPA).