The Tennis

This popular sport was born in Great Britain.

Its many gifts however, promoted it to conquer the whole world. Thus the people of Cyprus embraced the sport with particular sympathy and as time passes it conquers more and more admirers. After all, it is the only sport that has granted us the highest world rank with Marcos Pagdatis, who, except for his great successes of the past years, was also no. 1 in the world classification in the category of Juniors.

The main reasons that have made tennis one the most famous sports are the following positive effects:

  • It improves aerobic ability, which in turn improves the circulatory, the respiratory and the muscular systems or the organism. When these systems are activated to ideal levels during exercise, as with Tennis, the cardiac, respiratory, circulatory and muscular problems are decreased to the minimum.
  • There is no violence, and so it always maintains its identity as a sport and our children are not in danger of the cases of violence of the past years
  • It has educational character in which we give particular emphasis, in order for our youngsters to learn to win but also to loose and to respect their playmates and their opponents.

We believe that the correct personality of a child during a Tennis game, teaches the equivalent personality towards the game of life. This is also the general message of sports.

  • It offers enormous positive effects on the mental world of both young and old. The young enjoy it as pleasant game, and the older escape, from the very first moment, their daily routine and stress.

Summarizing, we come to the conclusion that tennis is the only sport which combines an educational, entertaining and healthy character.