IoannidesTennis School was founded in 1997. It began its courses by renting tennis courts in various hotels in Limassol.

From the beginning, the schools goal was to teach the correct and modern technique of the sport, and to function with professionalism.

This payed off from the first months, obliging the school’s management to build its own premises.

Since 1999 the school was functioning on its privately-owned premises which consisted of one tennis court, locker rooms and a small gym for the athletes needs.

Professionalism and good work gives pleasure to the management, however it also gives the need to search for another court to rent as one was not able to fulfill the obligations of the academy, as the number of students was rising.

Since 2002, it was working with two courts, after having rented one that was at a distance of 5 kilometers from the school.

In no time, the second court was full as well and so in 2003 the search for larger grounds began, in order to build a big tennis academy.

In 2005 the academy transferred to it new premises which consisted of 5 courts, locker rooms, a swimming pool, a playground and a restaurant.

Our plan is to also build a closed cafeteria, a gym, a physiotherapy area and 2 more courts.

During our schools 12 year presence, it has achieved great successes with correct and professional work, rendering it as the first and largest private tennis school in Cyprus.