Academy Goals


The sport is taught with particular emphasis on excellent technique of movement, in order for the children to learn correct tennis. This way we avoid any injuries and your child may play tennis all his life.


Through sports, the circular, neuromuscular, and respiratory systems of the organism are improved. Your child gains suppleness, flexibility, neuromuscular co-ordination, speed and resistance. Once your child passes the stage of learning and begins playing, then any problem with obesity will no longer exist.


Your child learns how to be a complete athlete, who, cooperates with his playmates and learns to coexist in a team. He learns to respect his opponents, to enjoy and accept winning but also loosing. We insist on excellent behavior in the court as it is something missing in today’s society.

The child is given to understand the importance and the benefits of playing sports and maintaining an athletic lifestyle. Children must gain an athletic conscious from a young age.


Your child escapes from the tension of school and after school lessons, and at the same time is engaged with a very interesting and pleasant sport.

COMPETITION TENNIS (Advanced players)

Every year a selection of talents takes place where if both child and parent are interested, the chosen are promoted to special classes which target their preparation for participating in tournaments in Cyprus and abroad.

Our scientific – coaching team is dedicated to each athlete separately, in order for all his physical and mental skills to develop as best possible. We are always there for our players and push them daily to do their best during training, so each one can reach the maximum degree of his performance.